Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is where my girls are at at the moment:

Mackenzie is 15 weeks old today. She smiles constantly, but will only give up a small giggle after a vigorous rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel. She can grab at any object of her desire with only a little concentration (I love watching her face as she thinks about what she has to do to get something). She is trying desperately to roll over, and will any day now (if she can get her arm in the right position!). She sleeps through most nights (though is currently having a bit of a feeding frenzy!). Not much upsets her... so if she cries you know she means business! I was blown away when I measured her the other day and discovered she is 67.5 cm long! This is about 3.5 cms longer than Delilah was at the same age... and Delilah has always been very tall for her age! She also talks constantly and you can easily enage her in a conversation... she uses her whole body to get the words out! Basically the best way to describe her is absolutely delightful!

Delilah will be 2 in two and a half weeks time and has become an amazing little person. She now has full sentences and communicates with Luke and I very easily... she adds to her vocabulary daily! I'd been thinking recently that it was strange that she'd never said "Ilove you", because I say it to her about 100 times a day, however Luke told her to say "mummy I love you" the other day and she turned to me and said "I oo Mummy", and I realised that she'd been telling me she loves me for ages, I had just mistaken it as her saying hi! Since then I've noticed she says it just as much as I do, I especially love it when she says out of the blue "I oo Kenzie!" and today was a real cracker when she was calling out to her friend Isaac "I oo Isaac!"

Delilah is also reaching the terrible twos and we do cop some amazing tantrums! She is a real character and I marvel at her strong little personality all the time. She has names for all of her Wiggles DVDs and she will tell you exactly which one she wants on and if you get it wrong watch out! This morning I was told most sternly "No Strong mummy! Sword!". Most of all she makes me laugh!

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