Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring and Drawing

It has been a glorious weekend with a hint of spring in the air... and as usual very busy, between work for me, newborn twin cuddles (my friend Lauren just had twin boys!), shopping, dinner with friends and afashion parade, it has, as usual, disappeared! I snapped the photos above late yesterday afternoon, poor Miss D is still sporting daycare war wounds on her face, but I felt that these pics captured a little of the "two-peas-in-a-pod" relationship my girls have developed. I think Miss D is soon to have a little shadow.....

Little Miss M is crawling now.... we sort of. She gets up on all fours and stays there for a minute then scoots herself backwards into a lying position and repeats until she gets struck somewhere. It's gorgeous to watch. She's also just had another first... her first ear infection:( She's on her second lot of antibiotics now as her ear flared up one day after completing the last lot. I fear we are heading down the grommet track again.

And now to Miss D.....

I came home from work yesterday morning and was greeted by Delilah with this drawing "My fammie picture Mummy". The blue one is Delilah complete with the curly hair (I'm loving that she isolated herself and made her different to the rest of us... a unique being) The big brown one is Daddy (note the join between his eyes.... his "gasses Mummy") the one up the top is me, and the tiny one at the bottom is Kenzie. I am used to little Miss D coming up with these drawings now, but I am still amazed at the pace with which she improves, the detail in them is fantastic. I love her artistic talent, this drawing will be going in a frame:)

So now I'm sitting here on a Sunday night, facing down the barrel of another week in which time will move much too fast, measured by the milestones of my little ones... but this week Spring will be sprung and now there is the promise of warmer days and nights ahead in which to continue enjoying life:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I got a nice suprise when logging on to Facebook tonight... this was waiting for me! A gorgeous e-flyer the lovely ladies behind the Lollipop markets ( ) cooked up for me. Too exciting:)


Mackenzie 8 months and Delilah 2 years 4 months

Mackenzie hadn't really been making sounds... she squeals alot(!) but it was only just the other day that I commented to Luke that little M seemed a bit slow in getting out her "mummummum" in fact I wasn't even going to fight over "dadadadad" being first, I was just keen for her to start on some "words"...

Well, yesterday afternoon, just as I was presenting her with lunch, I got the very first "Mmmmuummm"! I did a small happy dance, told her she was the best baby anyone could wish for, tried to get her to do it again (all the usual mum stuff) then resigned myself to the fact my little one had just taken an enormous leap and that I should not expect to hear it again soon (D first said it at 7 months, but I didn't hear it again for about 2 weeks)....

So... this morning as a prize for being the wonderful presenter of breakfast (oh how little M loves food) I was rewarded willl "Mmmmummuummummum.... Daddadad... Bahbub?", it seems she had decided to get all of her expected sounds out at once:) And now typically, despite my wishes to hear that beautiful little voice I am sad that it is all going to fast again... don't start crawling too soon Kenzie lol!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tutu Cute

I recently started making these hand embelished tutu sets:

Every time I make one I can't help but smile, they are just the kind of thing I would have loved to have owned as a little girl. I was always so very girly, facinated with beautiful things, preoccupied with trying to decorate my bedroom... a lover of all things fantastical. I can see Delilah heading the same way now... already she loves anything "bootiful" and declares herself as such several times a day... sometimes "Mummy is bootiful" or "Kenzie bootiful too" is thrown in for good measure, I guess it's testament to how many times a day I tell her she is beautiful, much like she will tell me a 100 times a day that she loves me for the same reason. One of her latest preoccupations is with hair, she will say "Mummy bootiful long hairs... Lilah bootiful hairs... Kenzie little bit hair... Daddy no hairs"... I swear I don't know where she gets these things from sometimes... but bless her little heart, she does make me laugh:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Difference 10 Years Makes

On Monday morning I walked around Foodland with Delilah looking like this:

It made me giggle to watch the range of reactions to this, some laughed, some frowned disapprovingly, but it made me smile and refect on how my life has changed in the 10 years since I worked there as a poor student. 10 years ago I was preoccupied by where I was going to go dancing that night, whether the cute boy noticed me, how hung over I was, the exam I had coming up, what I was going to do for my 19th birthday (incidently that was when Luke and I got together having met for the first time a month previously at a mutual friends birthday) and all the little things that made up my self involved world. I certainly did not imagine that 10 years down the track I would be walking my 2 year old daughter around that same supermarket, with her confidently sporting several stickers on her face pronoucing "I bootiful Mummy!" and knowing that I love her just as she is and everything good, wonderful, amazing and joyous that she represents.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Dancing

Still happy dancing this morning after recieving an email with this last night! This is something that has never happened to me before, I'm usually the better luck next time kind of girl. So, so, so very excited, I just can't wait!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crossing My Fingers

I have been sewing pretty much every night now since I first started Verri Charmed, and I think I have become a little addicted to creating new unique items. Each time I finish something new it puts a little smile on my face, each time I buy new fabric I do a little happy dance and each time I come up with a new idea I just can't wait to try it out. Who would have thought it would be so much fun?

At the moment I am waiting with baited breath to see If I am a sucessful applicant for the up and coming Lollipop Markets I wasn't going to apply, because I don't think that I'm good enough, but then I decided that it was worth a shot, so telling myself the outcome didn't matter I put in my application last weekend... now a couple of days later it is evident that I do care about the outcome as I am eagerly hanging on to every Lollipop Facebook status update lol! Oh well if I'm not sucessful I already have my work cut out for me getting ready for October and November Goodwood Mum's and Bubs Markets but still... fingers crossed!