Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Best New Favourite.... Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, after setting the girls up with their breakfast as I do every morning I settled down with my toast and coffee and switched on the computer to check the news. The first thing I read? Instagram was now available for Androids..... I had that baby downloaded on my phone before you could say "Good Morning!". The funny thing is I didn't know what to do with it now I had it.....oh but I worked it out.

Oh boy did I ever work it out..... and now it's my new best favourite:)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pushing Myself April and May

I've been continuing on my journey pushing myself a little harder each month to try out and achieve new things, suprise, suprise April and May have been all about the running.... hey if I'm going to do this Marathon thing I've got to have some running goals right??

So first up was the last Sunday of April, when I ran 21.1kms for the very first time, completing the Greenbelt Half Marathon. I ran a lot harder than I thought I would because I was trying to escape two ladies that were having a really loud chat (???? honestly who has the energy to run and talk like that ???), I run for the peace people! I grinned so wide at the end of that race, finishing it in a not too shabby time of 2hrs 6mins.

This is me about to cross the finish line.

This month I had the new goal of a 25km run which I did just this Saturday passed. There was a small panic moment when I reached what I thought was going to be my half way mark (I'd carefully planned it out on google maps) when no, the Endomondo APP lady on my phone told me in her electronic voice that I hadn't quite hit the 12km mark.... bugger, I had to run further. Anyway I did it and I got home in around 2 and a half hours sporting some big blisters, but I still managed another grin at the end, I'd even run an extra 500m just for good measure.

Of course next month I have more running goals, but I won't bore you with them, I'll be back to challenging myself with the sewing machine. In fact I have a very specific sewing goal next month........ ZIPS. I'm frightened of them, and am determined to have them mastered by the end of June. I think I'm going to need some luck and patience for this one, 42kms of running seems a bit easier.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday I ran the 7.5km Mothers Day Classic. Here is a pic of my big sister Tatum and I wearing our awesome Billy Mac tanks, custom made especially for the occassion.

I ran the distance in essentially the fastest time I am aware of running over that distance ever, 36 mins. Super fast for me and I was thrilled. My big sis ran it 2 or three mins faster, as did my training partner Gemma(as they should, they are both faster than me at the best of times lol!)they too are training their butts off like me to do a marathon. I was stoked for both of them.... woohoo we smashed it!

But then later in the day, as I heard stories from others, something crept into me, I began comparing my self and my time to others who haven't trained like I had, who ran faster and I began to think that I hadn't tried hard enough.....

Fast forward to some rolled eyes from my husband and then a good night sleep last night and I remembered this:

A very wise quote from Theodore Roosevelt that I stumbled across on pinterest a few weeks ago. It was a brilliant reminder not to focus on what anyone else is doing and that the only person I need to beat is myself.

So today I'm back to this one I also found on pinterest a while back:

Because it is so important to be proud of your own achievements.