Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grateful Sunday

It's been a big week. So much has happened, and as usual I find myself suprised by how quickly the days pass. The only dampener on this week was that poor little Mackenzie came down with croup on Wednesday night..... but still there has been so much to be grateful for:

-The gorgeous friend who comes over and just hangs out and plays with my girls, with no need for entertainment from me.

- Coffee with sprinkles

-A plaster free arm..... so much better for playing:)

- New smaller (!) jeans

- A furry visitor

- Party dress shopping..... and party dress finding.

- The husband who reads vintage golden books to his girls

-Treasure hunting

What are you grateful for this week? xx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Five Weeks Later.....

Well time certainly does fly, even when you are not having fun. This afternoon I took Delilah to have her plaster removed. Here she is, sans cast, enjoying a post plaster removal, well deserved babycino:

And now my task is to not be a massively paranoid mummy........ Goodluck!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grateful Sunday

Sunday's, along with a lovely group of supportive women, have become my new day for reflecting on what I am grateful for this week. Any given day I can easily list multiple things of which I am grateful for, however, truth be told, I don't always spend the time to stop and think about what makes me so very lucky.

I am always grateful for my gorgeous husband and two beautiful girls, and I feel so fortunate that we get to live in such a beautiful piece of the world. A place I have grown up, and will always call home.

And today, specifically, I am grateful for dragging myself out of bed bright and early to trudge around the Marion oval in the freezing cold checking out what the car boot sale had to offer this week..... otherwise I would have missed this:

A divine vintage Holly Hobbie Style sewing box. It was mine for $5 *sighs happily*.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


One thing I have discovered about my crafting self is that I don't focus on one product easily, I like to constantly challenge myself and try new things.... Verri Charmed has it's staple products (items that will definitely always be there) like hair tie sets, odd couple clips, brooches and headbands along with embelished tops. But along this 13 month journey I have tried and tested many new things.... some ideas have been shelved, others have been added to the product line.

Here are a few of my latest trials:

Crazy Miss D showing off her reversable vintage chenille and printed corduroy, "Monday/Tuesday" skirt.

Vintage Chenille hairclips. They are made with vintage chenille and upcycled placemats (!) and finished with vintage buttons.

I've snaffled on for myself:)

And finally today's creating has accomplished this:

A ruffle skirt made using stretchy jersey.

I *heart* creating.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've been thinking a lot, well that's not really unusual, but put it this way, I've had a lot on my mind. It's been a huge year, and there has been a lot of reflecting. Mostly I've been thinking about what makes me they way I am. Here's a little run down of me:

My husband and girls are my world
I love intensely
I am fiercely loyal and protective
I love to laugh
Colour makes me smile
Friendships mean so much to me
I am a worrier
Excercise makes me feel strong
Creating makes me happy
Most of the time I'm confused
I get hurt easily
I like sleep
I appologise often

I'm going to continue loving, laughing, sharing, feeling, sewing, excercising, I'm going to work on my confusion, worrying and emoting..... probably I still should not expect much sleep.

I'm not going to appologise so often anymore. Not unless I have actually done something wrong.

I am not going to let myself get hurt.

And I'm going to make this one my new mantra:

Because I can. xx

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about change lately. Changes I'd like to make in all aspects of my life. Mostly I'd like to simplify things so more time can be spent enjoying all the good things, but there are a few personal changes I'd like to make too. So I started with a small change yesterday.....

New hair!

My mum always says "A change is as good a holiday". Well, there is no holiday on the horizon so if I'm going to make changes, cutting off my hair and giving it a new colour seemed like a good place to start........ I'm feeling more relaxed already LOL!