Monday, March 22, 2010

Present Wrapping and Babushkas

I absolutely love a well wrapped present, and I can still remember my delight at realising that my sister Lauren felt this way too at my baby shower for Delilah. I opened a gift box to find several carefully and artfully wrapped gifts inside and I squealed, "That's exactly what I would have done!" and we grinned ( in what was probably a very silly and similar manner) at each other.

This weekend was mini-cronie Grace's birthday party, and it was my turn to buy the Kris Kringle syle birthday present of a book. Because we are very limited in what we can buy I like to carefully wrap the present and add a hand made card or gift tag. I was very pleased with the way this one turned out:

For the gift tag I used some old Cosmo Cricket papers and some sparkly Bella chip board letters. I loved the over all effect, and Grace loved the present.

For sometime now Luke and I have been wanting to get a little table and chairs for the girls to sit at for various activities, however table and chair sets for little people can be notoriously expensive. We came up with this set for $15:

Luke found the table by the side of the road with hard rubbish and gave it a coat of white paint. He picked the chairs up at the Brighton car boot sale for $5 total and I found these awesome wall stickers at Cotton On Kids for $10. Can't wait to see Miss D's face when she gets up tomorrow morning and sees them for the first time!
Before I go I just wanted to write about a little gem of Lilah's that occured tonight. She hurt her finger this morning (it got a little squished in a door and there is a small cut on it) but totally forgot about it until she got in the bath tonight when it must have stung a little. Well for the next hour she kept on going on about how her finger was "Sore" and "ouchies" she even held it in front of Mackenzie's face for about 5 minutes telling her about her "ouchie finger". Luke finally told her that he thought she was "bunging it on", to which Miss D replied "Yeah bunging on! Finger sore, bunging on!" She was still mumbling about "bunging on" as she fell asleep tonight. Love it!

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  1. Oooohhh! The table looks fabulous!! Well done- total bargain!!
    And gorgeously wrapped present too :) xxx