Saturday, July 31, 2010


We don't get alot of sleep in the Verri household. Since Miss D was six months old she has been what I describe as "the worst sleeper in the world". Some nights we are awake for hours upon hours, some nights just every hour on the hour and then nights like last night we have a good one and we only have to get up to her twice.

We have tried all the tricks to no avail and we have a strict routine because if we deviate even slightly we are up all night and it takes a week to recover. Mostly we just accept this, particularly as she has been plagued with ear infections during this time and also she is so tall (100cm at 2.3 years) that we know all those rapid growth spurts can't be comfortable, however it made me sad when I realised that we miss out on fun with her at times because we are so wound up about the thought of no sleep.

I am the kind of person who would gladly sleep 12 hours straight every night so the lack of sleep has been a huge adjustment. For the most part I just deal with it because the Joy of every other moment totally out weighs no sleep, but sometimes it all comes crashing down, and today is one of those days.

I'm writing this as little Miss D is curled up next to me asleep (!) on the couch. She is so very peaceful at the moment... I wonder what goes on in that little mind to make it all go so very wrong? All I know is I will keep on dealing with it, because she is Delilah and I wouldn't have her any other way.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Miss M

Mackenzie is 7 and a half months now and she is doing this:

Sitting up by herself very happily and steadily... infact it's hard to get her to be in any other position. It makes me laugh because she still barely rolls, in fact only when she REALLY wants something.

Mackenzie is changing by the day, she is now 73cm tall and I would estimate about 9kgs. She has a fair heft to her lol! She recently started giving real little cuddles which is just so lovely and allows you to know when you've been missed or needed. She is still giving Luke a hard time on Tuesday nights when I'm at work. She goes off to bed fine and then wakes after about an hour and cries and cries... I've told Luke he might need to start wearing one of my jumpers to settle her as this is a rare occurance when I am home, but happens everytime I'm out.

Mackenzie is a true delight, she laughs at her sister, blows raspberries constantly and sits back and takes in everything around her. Love her to pieces:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mr and Mrs Potato Head

About 8 months ago Delilah started to display a facination with Mr Potato Head. Whenever we were at the house of a cronie, who had a mini-cronie with a Mr Potato Head, little Miss D would sit totally absorbed with putting all the body parts in the holes and then matching the correct parts to herself... for example it wasn't unusual to see her sitting with a tiny hat on her head, a plastic tongue poking out of her mouth, a very small pair of glasses perched on her nose, or less correctly, a rigid white arm or leg sticking out of her ear. So the day Luke came home with some hand me down toys from his boss, there was great delight when she discovered the haul included a Mr Potato Head game, which included four bodies and the various accessories for each.

Now we don't bring him out all that often (at the most once a week) but on Monday after she had been playing with the set for a while I was absolutely delighted when she brought this to me at the table:

Accompanied with the declaration of "Mummy and Daddy". Yes Daddy was the boy with the cowboy hat and boots and Mummy was the girl with the eyelashes, ribboned hat and high heels... and yet again (at 2 years and 3 months) I say it's all happening too fast! P.S. Those faces that she has been drawing for months are now a constant feature in all drawing sessions and she has added pupils to the eyes!!!

Just a little added extra, little M will be 7 months on friday... she is now sitting easily on her own. She has this beautiful straight posture about her and it just makes her look sooooooo very cute (and tiny) when she is sitting up, I haven't managed a pic yet, but I will soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 Months Gone

Back to work today and I'm freaking out more than a tad. It's gone way too fast and it's stretching into eternity.....