Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Have the Past Six Months Gone?

In a complete blur that is where! It has come around far too quickly, but I took Mackenzie for her six month vaccinations last Friday.

So where are we at now with Miss M?

  • Height: 68.5cm
  • Weight: 8.25 Kg

Yes, she's still a chubba bubba and she is still an absolutely delightful baby. She sleeps at least 16 out of 24 hours still, though most of that is over night. She is now very close to sitting by herself for extended periods. She rolls around and blows raspberries. She laughs when her sister cries (it makes it very hard for me to keep a straight face!). She wraps her arms tightly around our necks and squeals and giggles in your ear. She eats three meals a day including meat(!) and still has six or seven feeds from me, her enthusiasm for her food has her Daddy and I absolutely enthralled. She is becoming a little person more and more everyday, which is amazing and fascinating!

I have one week left now of maternity leave which is quite sad for me, and I worry how my little Miss M is going to take her day and a half of daycare, because she is such a Mummy's girl (in typical 6 month old style she cies when I leave the room!). I guess only time will tell, but most likely, just as she does with everythng else she will take it all in her stride.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have been MIA. Sewing every night in order to gather enough stock for my first "Verri Charmed" market stall.... it was yesterday. I was so nervous in the lead up. I was worried about what people would think of my products, mostly worried that people would laugh, I guess. But it seems my first stall was a complete success! I made quite a dent in my stock pile of products and have since sold more through Facebook. Taking a deep breath and jumping seems to have paid off so far, strangely enough my anxiety has not been eased at all, especially seeing the calibre of handmade work out there, and the creativeness of some... I just don't feel up to scratch.

However.... for the time being at least I return to having a little more time on my hands because I don't have another market stall until November. This last week has been really very difficult. Both the girls and myself have been sick and I have been worn thin. I only have three weeks of maternity leave left so it's time to take a step back and enjoy every moment for what it is, bcause time is marching on much to fast....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Verri Mackenzie

I have been very busy sewing, getting everything ready for Verri Charmed's debut at the Goodwood Mum's and Bub's market next weekend, but I managed to find the time to make Miss M her own special body suit. What I loved most about Miss M in her cute outfit was this:

The Suit kept her entertained all day! When toting her around to various destinations there was no need to remember toys as she was so facinated by her own clothing, and her determination to eat the gorgeous birdie covered yoyos lasted until her bath in the evening. The best part.... it was a true test of my sewing abilities... the embelishing held up to all the vigorous testing that Miss M had to offer! Love it! Love her:)