Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleeping Beauties and Portrait Drawing

Miss M woke up unusually grumpy, and not so unusually hungry this morning continuing a trend for the last three days. My first thought was "uh oh!" but after cramming several feeds into four hours she promptly fell asleep on the way to the park this morning. We stayed at the park for a very blustery 20 mins but then decided to bring the cronies (Jena and Lynn) and the mini cronies (Isaac, Cassie and Angus) back to our house. When we got there I put a still-sleeping-in-her-capsule Mackenzie on top of the stove where she continued to sleep for the next 3. 5 hours.

Miss M often gets put here for safe keeping during a sleep (away from poking fingers) but today I just had to get a pic as it's really a bit comical and definitely something to show her in the future...poor bubba lol!

Delilah is often very difficult to get down for an afternoon sleep so today when the cronies left I got her to lie down on her couch for some quiet time before attempting to put her to sleep. I left her for about five minutes while I did some tidying and came back to this:

Poor Miss D was exhausted. I ended up popping her in bed as I was a little worried that our newly discovered rogue mouse might come out to feast on the mini cronie's abundance of crumbs on the floor and climb on her (eek!)!

Lauren and Jess popped around this afternoon bringing me some freshly baked banana bread (yummo!) and after a very slow and grumpy wake up Miss D brought out the charm. She did some drawing on the magnadoodle and showed off her newly aquired skill of drawing faces.

This according to Miss D is a drawing of Mackenzie, and not a fluke either as she proceeded to draw several more faces after this. Now I know I am her Mum and therefore biased but I was very proud of this...seriously she's not even two yet!

Now back to Miss M, after her four and a half hour sleep she woke up typically ravenous and continued her day in true Mackenzie style, feeding cuddling and sleeping:) I managed to get a few half giggles out of her this evening during a moment when I must have been particularly entertaining! Full blown giggles are just around the corner!

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