Monday, March 26, 2012

You and Me

The first time I saw Luke I new he was going to be significant to me. I can't tell you why, but I can honestly say the first time I laid eyes on him in *blushes slightly* Shennanigans Irish Pub I knew we'd be together. I was 18.

That was 11 and a half years ago and we've been inseparable ever since my 19th birthday, one month after that first meeting (I like to tell everyone he stalked me and invited himself to my birthday party lol!). While I knew in that first glance that he'd be important, I didn't know how similar we would be, how we would share a love of treasure troving, movies and books, that we'd have the same sense of humour and taste in decor, I didn't know that he would be the very best husband and most amazing father.

Tomorrow, it will be seven years to the day that I got to marry the most wonderful man, my best friend. My luke. I am so lucky:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Morning

Mackenzie is 2 years and 3 months, she recently toilet trained herself, it suprised me a little, but then again not so much because she is a determined little thing. Around the time she decided she wanted to wear knickers she also started saying the words "all morning" in reference to things she didn't want to do, the best example of this is if I ask her to go to the toilet before we are heading to go out somewhere whe will say "No, I do wees all morning!" You can't really argue with that.

"All morning" is now tacked on to most things... "I jump really high all morning', "I wear knickers all morning" you get the picture. Today I got a new one...

Delilah is currently having pre-entry kindy sessions on Wednesday mornings, M and I spend the time hanging out, doing a bit of this and that. This morning I urgently need to go to the shopping center, so much easier to do when you only have to wrangle one, and of course so much easier for one to con their Mum into buying them extra things. We'd picked up a Disney princess bag for $1 somewhere along the way and the shop assistant had put some sales pamphlets in it before she'd handed it over to M, who was now toting her new bag proudly. We were at a self service check out in Big W (I swear you can't use those things with more than one child in tow!) when M discovered the pamphlets and proceded to pull them out of her bag and say "I pay dis Mummy".

Me: "Er no, thanks Chicky, I don't think this machine will take that particular money"

M much louder brandishing promotion paraphenalia: "I pay dis one mummy"

Me: "Thanks baby but I'll do it"

M, full meltdown mode, screaming and trying to climb on check out while simultaneously trying to stuff the paper into the money dispensing slot: "Mummy, I pay dis one ALL MORNING!"

Then there was me killing myself laughing carrying M underarm football hold style while struggling with several bags leaving startled fellow customers behind to the sounds of "All Morning Mummy!".

Two year olds *sigh*.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pushing Myself - New Things for March

Well we are little over half way in March and I have lots of new things to share.

On the sewing front I have really started testing myself and my pattern making skills by creating a a range of reversible bags perfect for Easter egg collecting, I'm calling them "Treasure Hunters" and have made two designs, one for girls, and one for boys.

And just today I have made the first of many reversible capelets as part of my Autumn/Winter range, I am loving these, and best of all Miss M was loving the prototype I made for her this morning, she kept it on most of the day (though wouldn't stay still for a photo ofcourse) it's a little vintage tea party meets superhero:)

On the personal front I have really tested myself in two other areas. First of all I will start by saying that I love to dance, but unless I am home by myself with the music up loud I need to have a beverage or two under the belt to indulge. My big sister arranged for for us to partake in a Flashmob Workshop as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and let me just say I was absolutely terrified, but it was BRILLIANT! Once the music began it was impossible not to dance my little heart out, especially as I was amongst up to 100 others and it was immediately apparent that no one was looking at my dancing style because they were too shocked that this random dancing was unfolding in front of their eyes. I was lucky enought to partake in four different flashmobs over a week. Here is part of the first one I was in (I'm actually visable in this clip, wearing cornflour blue to the the left of the screen) is was such an adrenaline rush.

The other personal challenge I have conquered is a 16km run, it was actually not difficult at all despite my concern before I set out, it is the longest distance I have ever run, I've backed it with a 15km (as well as several other long distances) since and I have plans for an 18km slog before the month is out.... marathon here I come.

So is anyone with me on this "Pushing It" journey? I'd love to hear about your own personal challenges!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I have a mother's group who I love and adore. Luke dubbed them my "Cronies" very early on and it has stuck. There are six of us that have remained very close from our intial Child and Youth Health group. Navigating being a mum for the first time, and then a mum of two would have been so much harder with out having these women to laugh with, cry with, drink copius amounts of coffee with.... and on a few occassions when we have managed to sneak in the odd child free night together, drink a little too much with. We've even created our own "family traditions" we usually spend Christmas eve togther, Lynn never fails to invite us all to Lisa's house for Australia day and we take ourselves out for dinner together on the Saturday night before Mother's day and drink and eat until we can't fit anymore in, so far we've managed to have a designated driver because at least one of us has been pregnant each time.... this year we will have to think about a taxi. These women rock.

(Photo booth from my 30th)

March makes my head spin. We now have 12 kidlets between us, so it can be a very noisy get together when we all make it, and at this time of year there are more get togethers than usual. The birthdays start in February and we tend to then have at least one pretty much every weekend until D's Birthday on April 17th. We call it the Birthday marathon. It's kind of exhausting, but it makes me smile.

I've been so busy for so many months now, and it's taken it's toll, I've even had to miss Birthdays, or leave early, just to fit everything in this year and I'm really feeling it and noticing not being there. I'm determinded that it's time to slow down, before the "big" kids are all at kindy and have even less time together, plus I really miss my cronies.

Tomorrow afternoon brings birthday party round three, I don't have to squeeze anything else in, and I can't wait:)

Do you still have a mother's group? I'd love to hear your stories. xx

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pushing Myself- New things for February

Yes the month is now done and dusted, but as promised I am here to share the new challenge I set my self for February..... A pattern and deninm.

For the first time ever I have used a pattern in the month of February.... but suprise, suprise I was not content to follow the pattern to the letter (or even that closely lol!) and the result is my new "All Seasons" peasant tops... perfect for any weather, just add a long sleeve T underneath for the cooler weather.

The second new challenge for me was to create some skirts with denim, another product perfect for all weather, pop on some tights and boot for the cooler weather. These are my own pattern.

So what do I have in store for March..... well this challenge I will be doing tomorrow, and it's not a sewing one. All will be revealed soon:) Happy Weekend. xx