Thursday, March 18, 2010


I love when we have mothers group at Jena's house. For some reason everything always ends up delightfully chaotic, and the kids just have so much fun. This week on Wednesday afternoon it was 35 degrees (probably the last of the heat till next summer) so we dragged out the paddle pool and added bubbles into the mix. The result was hilarious and the kids just had so much fun.

Mackenzie was having a lovely time sitting back and watching the action:

Until she was hit with a splash of water, and my poor mellow bubba started howling. I actually found it a bit funny because Miss M is always so chilled out that I was so suprised by her reaction I was a little unsure of what to do. It was nothing a good cuddle couldn't fix, but oh my gosh, she certainly gave her lungs a work out!
Speaking of which, Mackenzie seems to have discovered her voice this week, and currently when she is not sleeping or eating she is babbling away happily. She had previously only been talking if you engaged her attention, but now, it's as if she's realised she can talk whenever she wants, I LOVE IT!
Finally, I did something last night that I really should have done a couple of weeks ago.... I had a couple of hours off! Lynn and I headed over to Lisa's house after all our little ones were in bed and sat outside enjoying a beautiful balmy evening with a glass of wine, a magnum ego and some good conversation. I left me feeling very refreshed:)

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