Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mini-Cronie Birthdays

When we hit March the Mini-Cronie birthdays begin. Last weekend was Cassie's 2nd birthday, This week it was Amy's. I've been having a little bit of a challange with Miss D this week, she's been a lot more cheeky and a lot more grumpy than usual. I suspect it's just an off week, we all have those, but when, for the seventh day in a row, Miss D kept up a constant soundtrack of grumbling this morning and then refused to have an afternoon sleep I thought we may have to cut our afternoon at Amy's short, and I was bracing myself for many temper tantrums. That didn't happen. She had a great time, filling up on the staple party food favourites of fairy bread, "little boys" and birthday cake.

I love the little one's birthdays, and it even more exciting this year as they get into the festivities, Delilah currently thinks that any cake means a party... which is really a good thing as she recognises cake as something special! We have Grace's birthday next week and then Isaacs the week after, followed by two weeks off and then it's Miss D's turn! Can't wait!

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