Saturday, March 6, 2010

Frayed Flowers and Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Friday I had an unexpected delight, Lauren spent the whole day with me, and Jess joined us in the afternoon. It was a fantastic day starting with some chocolate chip cookie baking:)

Then Lauren and I headed to Spotlight to pick up some fabric for a little afternoon project I had been wanting to try.


These frayed flowers were so much fun to make, and really simple too. I had to laugh though, as I started out following the rules making perfect little fabric rosettes, Lauren tweeked this process a little and came up with roses that were a little more free form, like the ones you see here. Jess however, completely made up her own rules! Loved every minute of it, and it was a little addictive too! This morning I quickly put together this hair clip for Lilah.

She wore it this afternoon to Cassie's 2nd birthday party. It was gorgeous, I'll have to take a pic, and definately make more!

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  1. Love the birdie flowers :) and I had a lovely day I really really really want a chocolate chip cookie!! xx