Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Mackenzie is out growing the bassinet at a very rapid rate, causing me some head scratching as to what we were going to do about sleeping arangements. The idea was always to move Delilah into a proper bed, and Mackenzie into the cot with the girls sharing a room. However, every time we brought up the idea with Miss D she would say "Yiyah, seep cot!!!". She wouldn't even try out the bed. A couple of weekends ago we spent sometime at Ikea discussing the merits of buying another cot, or perhaps a toddler bed for Miss D or even a larger bassinet for Miss M. Our conclusion was that we were just going to bite the bullet and put Miss D in her bed the following weekend wether she liked it or not. I spent time during the week preparing the bed with new sheets, a toddler rail, a soft bumper and new cushions:

All week I tred to talk to Miss D about her bed, and she still wouldn't have a bar of it. The weekend came and went and we didn't make good on our promise, Delilah continued to sleep in her cot.

We often have trouble with Delilah having what we call "exploding nappies" during the middle of the night. Basically this means she wees so much her nappy leaks and she gets wet. This happened quiet badly at 11.30 on Monday night, so much so that her bed clothes got wet. So after changing her, Luke popped a sleepy Miss D into her "big girl bed" where she slept uninterrupted until 6.30 the following morning. She was so pleased with herself that se has slept in her "big girl bed" every night since, magically sleeping right through the night, something she hardly ever does. And if you ask her now about the cot: "Kenzie seep cot, Mummy!". So yes, the next step awaits:)
Just a little on Mackenzie before I go. This last week she has started getting control of her arms and grabbing her toys. It's a very delightful time, and I just love watching the amazement on her face when she grabs the things she is reaching for. Loving the last pic here, where my sleepy wombat has passed out mid-grab!

My poor little pumpkin has a cold, so I am taking her to the Doctor this morning, just to make sure it's nothing more serious.

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