Thursday, March 4, 2010

Swimming, Playing and Milestones

On Wednesday I packed the girls up in the morning and we headed to the Marion pool to meet some of the cronies. The mini- cronies had a wonderful time splashing around in the toddler pool... so much fun infact that it wasn't until their lips had turned from blue to purple that they could be coaxed out.


Delilah spent a good half an hour wrapped up in two towels, sitting in the sun and eating everything in sight before she insisted that she had to go back in the water! She passed out as soon as I put her in the car to go home:)

Something that I'm loving at the moment is that Delilah has started playing games. Currently Mackenzie is her favourite doll to play with. The other morning I snapped a couple of quick pics of Delilah "feeding" Mackenzie and putting "cream" on her.

The amazing thing about it is that Mackenzie seems to be enjoying it just as much as Delilah does. My favourite of these pictures is the one where Miss M is watching every move that Miss D is making. I really hope that the two of them grow up to be the best of friends. I am very close to my sisters and I certainly wish that for my girls.

Finally I've got a couple of pics I want to add. Firstly Miss M was trying her absolute hardest to roll from her belly to her back today, she didn't quite get there but she certainly enjoyed trying for a good 20 mins!

Secondly Miss D produced this picture tonight, totally unprompted:

She declared that it was "Mummy" and after Luke snapped this pic she added hair and ears. I'm a little blown away by it, and a little overwhelmed that she seems to be developing so fast. As I've said before though, that's the thing about your oldest child they are always going to be a mystery because every new thing they do is something you have not encountered before and you don't always know how to proceed.

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