Sunday, May 30, 2010

These Are a Few of Their Favourite Things...

I managed to snap this pic the other day, it's a perfect record of each of the girls current favourite things...

Delilah will sit for ages at the kitchen table playing with play dough. We have quite a collection of it through gifts and car boot sale purchases (bargain $1 never been used sets!). She loves it... and will spend quite some time making snakes and balls as well as facial appendages ("Eyebrows for you Mummy!") as well as the less encouraged doggy poos. My only problem with the play dough is her addiction to it in an oral sense, after the tenth time of "Stop eating it Delilah!" it usually gets packed away for another day.

Mackenzie however, loves the "Jolly Jumper". She would jump for hours on end if I let her. Delilah never really got the hang of it, it was more of a jolly dangle for her, but Miss M springs from flattened feet into the air as high as she can go over and over again, squealing with delight and really it puts a smile on my face, like nothing else, to see her enjoying it so much:)

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