Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Right Here, Right Now

Right now... Whenever anyone comes over, or we go some where, Delilah introduces us... "Mummy" (points) "Kenzie" (points) "Yiyah" (points) "Dadda work" (shrugs).

Right now... Mackenzie loves "flying". I hold her up above my head and she giggles.

Right now... Delilah is attached to her Ted, pillow, cot blanket and the quilt Tatum made for her 2nd birthday. When she gets up in the morning, at rest time and bedtime she MUST have "po, Ted, banket and big banket".

Right now.... Miss M loves to make eyes at her Daddy. She will stare at Luke until he looks at her and then she will grin and turn her head coyly to the side.

Right now... my girls adore one another, their Daddy and myself.

Right now... is a good place to be:)

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