Monday, May 3, 2010

Delilahisms for Today

Some times I swear Delilah takes leaps and bounds in one day. Today has been one of those days....

This morning she wanted to play with her puzzles, but I told her she had to pick up her tea set and put it away first, thinking that I would have to do it for her.... but no, as soon as the words left my mouth she was running around collecting up the tea set and putting it away... amazing.

This afternoon we were reading stories... Mackenzie had gotten a bit sick of this so I had put her down on the floor to roll around... she was making quite a bit of noise, so Delilah grabbed her own precious Ted and wedged him in next to Mackenzie saying "Here Kenzie, play with Ted".

While Mackenzie was having a nap earlier Delilah and I spent about 45mins in the backyard. She found a frisby and made me stand back so she could throw it to me ("no Mummy, get back!"), I watched at my allocated distance for about 10mins while she tried to throw it, yelling "Oops!" everytime she threw it and it landed in a less than desired spot (read: everytime she threw it!).

She also spent a little bit of time looking at the books by herself while I was feeding Miss M. She had "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and was turning the pages saying things like "Friday, five Oranges" and " Monday, apples!" She made me giggle when she turned to the last page and yelled "A Caterpillar!". Lol as anyone who has ever read the book will know that on the last page the caterpillar has turned into a butterfly!

Delilah's language skills increase every day it absolutely amazes me. I can't believe I created these little Beings... and now watching them develope and grow constantly blows my mind.

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