Monday, May 17, 2010

A Superhero?

We are leading up to toilet training with Delilah at the moment, she has been going to the toilet for sometime in fits and spurts but we haven't been keen to push the subject with so much change going on in the last few months. However, last weekend we took Miss D to pick out some knickers to get her a little more excited about the idea. When we got home MIss D insisted on putting them on.... like this...

Got to love a toddler.... It reminded me of similar photos of my niece Lilli with her "jocks on the outside"!
One more before I go. Delilah has been saying thank you to most things lately, something that has made me very proud because I say it to her but I haven't pushed it because I know it's a difficult concept for a just two year old. Tonight Luke put some parmesean cheese on Delilah's dinner and he was rewarded with "Tank oo Dadda, cheese, your welcome!".

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