Monday, May 10, 2010


Tonight Miss M had her first real introduction into solid foods. Luke and I have been talking for a while about when to start solids with Mackenzie as we started quiet early with Delilah, but had not felt Miss M was quite ready yet (though she has have a finger dip of avocado... and another of mashed potato!). Luke had come up with the idea of starting on her 5 month birthday, which will be next Sunday, however as she has been waking up twice a night for food for the last fortnight as has often been crying at the end of her final feed for the evening I decided that tonight was the night to start....

On the menu for this evening we had home cooked pureed pears... oh so tasty lol! The result was this:

Absolutely loved it! she ate at least a tablespoon worth before getting a bit over excited and grabbing my spoon hand and shoving it a bit too far into her mouth... she was a little more subdued after that lol!

It will be interesting to see if it makes any difference to Mackenzie's sleep tonight... but it was the first night for a while that she stopped short of completely draining me of milk and then crying for more! I do love introducing my babies to new food, however it is a little bitter sweet when you are no longer your bubba's sole source of food. Oh well, I guess we've jumped head first onto that food testing rollercoaster for a second time:)

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