Sunday, February 14, 2010


I feel like we have crammed a lot into two days this weekend and am now feeling knackered for the start of the week!

We began the weekend with breakfast at The Strand, Glenelg with Dad, Lyn and two of my four sisters Lauren and Jess (sadly no Tatum as she lives several hundred kilometers too far away to join us for breakfast with out some prior planning). For this I felt the need to dress miss M in a fancy pants country road outfit before she could out grow it. Then ofcourse a mini Photo shoot ensued. Here are a couple of my favourites:

She is so beautiful it blows me away. She has been smiling for almost a month now, and when she does her whole face lights up and she reminds me of my sister Tatum.

The afternoon was spent painting a tallboy that Luke bought for $10 and then sorting through the girls clothes. I am thrilled with how the tallboy turned out. I used large wooden letters from Lincraft that I painted for decoration and to help define who's draw is who's for the girls as they get older. The girls have a really bright and airy room so I like to keep the colous in there as bold as possible. I'm loving the magenta and poison green combo. Delilah decided she might help me sort through the clothes, but got distracted and decided that dressing herself up might be more fun. I love my beautiful toddler, she is at such an interesting age, wanting to be totally independant, but still needing help with every thing. I am constantly being told " Mummy I do it" closely followed by "Mummy help!" In this pic she was asking me to help put the black and white stripey sock on as a glove.

Today started with some chocolate chip cookie baking and a visit from Luke's parents and then Lauren and I went to the Papercraft Roadshow at the Wayville show grounds. Despite being adamant that I was not going to buy anything, ofcourse I bought some paper that I will probably do nothing with!

The afternoon was spent rearranging the girls room to a state that I am so happy with Luke laughed at me the 3rd time I said "I'm really happy with how the girls room turned out!"

I am now in my happy place with a bowl of ice cream:) Happy Valentines Day people! xxx

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  1. noice outfit Lilah! I very much like the tallboy...good job...I bet you could do something with that paper if you put your mind to it ;) Love you lots, wish I was at breakfast too xxx