Monday, February 22, 2010


This morning when I went in to get Delilah out of her cot I was greeted with " Hi Mummy! Mummy I noisy!" and it got me thinking about all of Delilah's current little phrases and quirks. so here is a snapshot of Delilah at the moment (22 months):

  • Delilah constantly speaks in the first person. Most sentences begin with "Yiyah" For example if she wants to do some thing herself: "Yiyah do it!" or if you have just described something or someone a certain way, like say "Mackenzie is beautiful" she will pipe up with "Yiyah bootiful!".
  • Her favourite games to play are "Sleep" and "Catch". "Sleep" involves putting her teddies or whoever is nearby to bed (along with herself) in our bed and saying "Shhh I Seeping!". "Catch" entails Miss D running full pelt at either myself or Luke and grabbing us around the legs yelling "CATCH!".
  • She loves singing Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black sheep (Baa Baa Sheep!) and Open shut them.
  • Dancing is one of her favourite pass times.
  • Playschool and the Wiggles overrule everything else in her life.
  • Luke and I often have to add olives to her dinner to get her to eat.
  • She constantly asks me for Isaac, closely followed by Cassie, Grace and Amy her mini-cronie friends. This is a testament to how much time we spend with them:)
  • She loves her baby sister so much. Mackenzie gets more kisses from Delilah than anyone else and she is constantly bringing her things she thinks will help the situation, like toys and wraps. If Mackenzie cries Delilah usually insists that a cuddle will help crying, "knee knee, cuddle" and pointing to her lap. However she does sometimes tell Miss M to "ssshhhh!" especially if Playschool is on.
  • She loves any kind of water... particularly water she can get into.

Truthfully I could go on and on, she has so many special quirks, that all add up to make her our Delilah. Such a special girl with such a kind heart. Love her to bits.

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  1. And you're making me smile :) Big hugs for all of you xx