Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pizza, Tantrums and Good Friends

It has been a great weekend bar Miss D's many Saturday afternoon toddler tantrums which occured due to her refusal to have an afternoon sleep. This is something that thankfully doesn't happen too often but is certainly not an awful lot of fun.

On Saturday morning Luke's parents came over for a working bee. I love it when they do this! Luke and his dad have a blitz on a half finished project (this weekend it was working on getting a gate up on our half finished front fence) and Luke's Mum entertains Delilah leaving me to do whatever needs doing (in this case cleaning and attending to Miss M). As I say the day did turn a bit pear-shaped but we managed to redeem it by giving Miss D an early dinner and getting her to bed before I cooked our dinner and we watched Spiderman. I made the intended flatbread pizzas:

Yummo! Flat bread base topped with spicy Pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, garlic olives, fresh basil and feta cheese! Oh and washed down with some of Lukes' infamous Ginger beer:-)

Sunday has been a really lovely day. Luke went off on a man date (lol!) this morning (hopefully the first of many). He went to the Marion carboot sale with Ryan ( and Miss D) while I had a small sleep in with Miss M. Then Ryan, Lynn and Cassie joined us for a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup (one of my most favourite breakfasts!). Delilah and Cassie crack me up and frustrate me simulataniously when they play together. They either spend the whole time fighting or the whole time playing and giggling or a mix of the two. Today was a mix of the two. Luke snapped a couple of quick pics of them during a happy moment in our bedroom. They are Playing "Sleep" as current favourite of both of theirs:-)

At midday Miss M and I met my friend from school days Fiona for a coffee at The Edge, Jetty road Brighton (awesome coffee and food!). I LOVE catching up with Fi, she and I never run out of things to say to one another, and the time just flys when we are together, it's always been this way, no matter how long or short it is between catch ups. Miss M spent the entire time blissfully asleep in my lap (suprise, suprise!).

I also got to go for a run along the beach both afternoons, which is something that I love doing. I am working at slowly rebuilding my strength and distance, though I think it is going to take some time, my knees don't seem to be as young as they used to be lol!

I really needed a weekend like this, it couldn't have come at a better time, as I have been feeling quite flat lately and it has cheered me up no end:)

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