Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mother's Group

I love my Mothers Group and am constantly amazed that a random group of people thrown together can get along so well. It is safe to say that the last two years probably would have been alot harder, or at least very different if I had not gone to that first Child and Youth Health Mother's Group meeting. I refer to them as "the cronies" curtesy of Luke.

Yesterday Janine had the very inspired idea of letting Delilah, Grace, Cassie, Isaac and Amy (the "mini cronies") do some painting at her house. I brought along some small canvases so each of them would have something to take home. We sat them around a table and passed around the paint colours, watching gleefully as the first painted the canvas, then the surrounding paper, then themselves. I especially enjoyed that each of them felt the need to see what the paint tasted like. Here are some pics of what Miss D came up with:

After the kids were finished we stripped off their nappies and hosed them down (but not before lining them all up for a few nudie paint covered shots lol!) When we arrived home I noticed this delightful detail: Pink paint on the back of Miss M's head. I suspect she was secretly delighted to have been part of the painting session:

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