Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dinner in the Park and the Feeding Frenzy

I love the weekends, mostly because Luke is home and we get to do things as a family. I've been trying to make a point lately of doing one special thing together each weekend so that we haven't let the two days pass by in a blur of cleaning, grocery shopping and chores, therefore today Luke suggested we have an early picnic dinner in the park. So we did just that. We packed yummy foods like stuffed olives, marinated mushrooms, dip and fruit salad and headed to the Boundry Road park. It was a really beautiful late afternoon and Delilah truely loved it. She spent the time alternating between playing on the equipment, sucking dip of grissini sticks and scarfing down fruit salad. Luke is putting our now exhausted toddler to sleep as I write this.

Time for a Mackenzie update! The Devine Miss M is now 10.5 weeks old and I suspect she is just reaching another wonder week because she has spent the entire day feeding and needing to be cuddled! However I am very happy to oblige, although this is certainly easier to manage with Luke home, so we may be in for an interesting week. Normally Miss M spends a significant part of the day napping but she has also been awake most of the day today, giving us plenty of happy smiles and baby babble.

I took this pic last week before we headed off to the market. She is truely delightful:)

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