Monday, February 15, 2010


Delilah is constantly suprising me. Today I took Miss D for her health check and chicken pox vaccination, braced and ready for some screaming. But no, brave Miss D sat and watched as the nurse administered the needle without flinching, let alone any crying afterward. I felt so proud of my big girl. She was rewarded with a completely redundant lolly pop for her efforts which she devoured with joy as she had never had one before. Her stats today were, however, totally as expected:
  • Height: 93cm (totally and completely off the charts for a 22 month old!)
  • Weight: 13.6Kg (only a little above average, she is a skinny little monkey!)

I had a chat with the doctor tgoday about the best way to approach discipline as Miss D is starting to become a little challenging, as goes with the age. I suspect, however, that most parents would have found it as hard as I did, this evening, to tell my little cherub off for her artful display of cheese squares she had stuck to the back door. I had to turn away because I was laughing yto hard and I didn't want her to see. Luke did manage to choke out "Delilah we don't stick cheese to the door, clean those up please!" between stiffled giggles. To her credit she did clean them up (and eat a couple) but then decided that the dogs would benifet more from the cheese and proceeded to poke it under the back door for the awaiting slobbery duo.

Ofcourse, being disapointed that I was laughing too hard (not to mention it was too inapropriate)to get a pic of Lilah's cheese art I uickly snapped a pic of the feeding frenzy. Delilah makes me laugh every day. She can be a naughty little monkey, but I love her to bits.

Finally here's a pic of the girls that Luke snapped this morning. He had his hand over the flash as usual but I love that both the girls are smiling.

Love my babies so much. xxx

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