Monday, March 26, 2012

You and Me

The first time I saw Luke I new he was going to be significant to me. I can't tell you why, but I can honestly say the first time I laid eyes on him in *blushes slightly* Shennanigans Irish Pub I knew we'd be together. I was 18.

That was 11 and a half years ago and we've been inseparable ever since my 19th birthday, one month after that first meeting (I like to tell everyone he stalked me and invited himself to my birthday party lol!). While I knew in that first glance that he'd be important, I didn't know how similar we would be, how we would share a love of treasure troving, movies and books, that we'd have the same sense of humour and taste in decor, I didn't know that he would be the very best husband and most amazing father.

Tomorrow, it will be seven years to the day that I got to marry the most wonderful man, my best friend. My luke. I am so lucky:)

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