Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Morning

Mackenzie is 2 years and 3 months, she recently toilet trained herself, it suprised me a little, but then again not so much because she is a determined little thing. Around the time she decided she wanted to wear knickers she also started saying the words "all morning" in reference to things she didn't want to do, the best example of this is if I ask her to go to the toilet before we are heading to go out somewhere whe will say "No, I do wees all morning!" You can't really argue with that.

"All morning" is now tacked on to most things... "I jump really high all morning', "I wear knickers all morning" you get the picture. Today I got a new one...

Delilah is currently having pre-entry kindy sessions on Wednesday mornings, M and I spend the time hanging out, doing a bit of this and that. This morning I urgently need to go to the shopping center, so much easier to do when you only have to wrangle one, and of course so much easier for one to con their Mum into buying them extra things. We'd picked up a Disney princess bag for $1 somewhere along the way and the shop assistant had put some sales pamphlets in it before she'd handed it over to M, who was now toting her new bag proudly. We were at a self service check out in Big W (I swear you can't use those things with more than one child in tow!) when M discovered the pamphlets and proceded to pull them out of her bag and say "I pay dis Mummy".

Me: "Er no, thanks Chicky, I don't think this machine will take that particular money"

M much louder brandishing promotion paraphenalia: "I pay dis one mummy"

Me: "Thanks baby but I'll do it"

M, full meltdown mode, screaming and trying to climb on check out while simultaneously trying to stuff the paper into the money dispensing slot: "Mummy, I pay dis one ALL MORNING!"

Then there was me killing myself laughing carrying M underarm football hold style while struggling with several bags leaving startled fellow customers behind to the sounds of "All Morning Mummy!".

Two year olds *sigh*.


  1. Oh that is a super cute photo!
    And I could read blog posts like this "all morning" !

    1. Lol Dee! Just saw this comment! Love it:)