Friday, March 16, 2012


I have a mother's group who I love and adore. Luke dubbed them my "Cronies" very early on and it has stuck. There are six of us that have remained very close from our intial Child and Youth Health group. Navigating being a mum for the first time, and then a mum of two would have been so much harder with out having these women to laugh with, cry with, drink copius amounts of coffee with.... and on a few occassions when we have managed to sneak in the odd child free night together, drink a little too much with. We've even created our own "family traditions" we usually spend Christmas eve togther, Lynn never fails to invite us all to Lisa's house for Australia day and we take ourselves out for dinner together on the Saturday night before Mother's day and drink and eat until we can't fit anymore in, so far we've managed to have a designated driver because at least one of us has been pregnant each time.... this year we will have to think about a taxi. These women rock.

(Photo booth from my 30th)

March makes my head spin. We now have 12 kidlets between us, so it can be a very noisy get together when we all make it, and at this time of year there are more get togethers than usual. The birthdays start in February and we tend to then have at least one pretty much every weekend until D's Birthday on April 17th. We call it the Birthday marathon. It's kind of exhausting, but it makes me smile.

I've been so busy for so many months now, and it's taken it's toll, I've even had to miss Birthdays, or leave early, just to fit everything in this year and I'm really feeling it and noticing not being there. I'm determinded that it's time to slow down, before the "big" kids are all at kindy and have even less time together, plus I really miss my cronies.

Tomorrow afternoon brings birthday party round three, I don't have to squeeze anything else in, and I can't wait:)

Do you still have a mother's group? I'd love to hear your stories. xx


  1. i wish i had a mothers group, i never have! i have no close mummy friends so i spent my pregnancy making friends online in a pregnancy forum and still stay in touch with a few of my 'april mummies' from around the country. and even had the pleasure of meeting a few of them :) yours look like so much fun, i'd even fit into your birthday marathon with Evie being a march (meant to be april) bubba!

  2. I have an awesome mumma group, we've known each other for 5 years and still catch up regularly.. Heading out to an Easter catchup tomorrow with them.. Love seeing all the kiddos grow too.