Monday, March 19, 2012

Pushing Myself - New Things for March

Well we are little over half way in March and I have lots of new things to share.

On the sewing front I have really started testing myself and my pattern making skills by creating a a range of reversible bags perfect for Easter egg collecting, I'm calling them "Treasure Hunters" and have made two designs, one for girls, and one for boys.

And just today I have made the first of many reversible capelets as part of my Autumn/Winter range, I am loving these, and best of all Miss M was loving the prototype I made for her this morning, she kept it on most of the day (though wouldn't stay still for a photo ofcourse) it's a little vintage tea party meets superhero:)

On the personal front I have really tested myself in two other areas. First of all I will start by saying that I love to dance, but unless I am home by myself with the music up loud I need to have a beverage or two under the belt to indulge. My big sister arranged for for us to partake in a Flashmob Workshop as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and let me just say I was absolutely terrified, but it was BRILLIANT! Once the music began it was impossible not to dance my little heart out, especially as I was amongst up to 100 others and it was immediately apparent that no one was looking at my dancing style because they were too shocked that this random dancing was unfolding in front of their eyes. I was lucky enought to partake in four different flashmobs over a week. Here is part of the first one I was in (I'm actually visable in this clip, wearing cornflour blue to the the left of the screen) is was such an adrenaline rush.

The other personal challenge I have conquered is a 16km run, it was actually not difficult at all despite my concern before I set out, it is the longest distance I have ever run, I've backed it with a 15km (as well as several other long distances) since and I have plans for an 18km slog before the month is out.... marathon here I come.

So is anyone with me on this "Pushing It" journey? I'd love to hear about your own personal challenges!

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