Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sitting here feeling a tad sorry for myself today, gastro has hit the Verri household big time, last weekend it was Mackenzie, yesterday Delilah came down with it, and today it's my turn....

So while I have two munchikins sleeping soundly I will take the opportunity to update a little.

Little Miss M is now almost 16 months, she doesn't walk, she runs. She loves to feed the "Gogo's" (dogs) and music makes her move and smile, she often walks around the house with anything she thinks is trumpet like yellng "Toot, Too!" through it. She is a genuine little fire cracker.

I took this pic on monday, she's in a Verri Charmed "Sesame Street" outfit, featuring vintage SS fabric (oscar the grouch) and a matching furry green vintage chenille skirt.... I will have some of these for sale at my nest market.

Miss D is turning three next week, and while she is mostly delightful, she has hit a defiant, do what I want, patch. It will make for an interesting few months to come I think. As I type the poor little thing is curled up next to me, this gastro has hit her for a six.

This is a version of the set I made for her, featuring the same awesome fabric and pink vintage chenille.

Before I go and enjoy the last few minutes of quiet, Luke came up with a new business idea the other day, it is something that we will be working on together, if you pop over to the left of the screen you can be directed to a sneak peek of what's in store for the Verri's...........

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