Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pay it forward

All weekend I have been planning to blog all about Easter, well that is going to have to wait a few days now, because something happened today that got me thinking....

Sometimes I just put things in the post, no payment required, just for the love of having made something or the thought of how happy something I have found will make the person on the other end. It's not a big deal, it makes me happy and there is no intention behind it. Today, however, I received this in the mail from Tea For Evie (sorry Be, I suspect I have embarrassed you terribly by now, but yes I am going to continue to bang on about it, because it made me so happy!):

A beautiful piece of hand cut vintage Holly Hobby linen. I wasn't expecting this package to arrive, and it left me entirely speechless at the time (though obviously not so much now!)... and quite teary too... because a week or so ago I had mentioned that I would love to find some, and now, here, I had this gorgeous piece in my hands, and did I mention that I have never even met the sender in person! It made my day.... week... month, and it's something that I will now forever look at and smile..... and now it's got me thinking.....

Pay it forward. Not a new concept. But I think that if even one person reading this post is inspired to send something on to someone with out reward or agenda, then a very good thing has happened. Go on, do it! It will make you, and someone else smile:)

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