Sunday, April 17, 2011


This gorgeous girl turned three today. It just blows my mind how fast three years has gone, how much life has changed, and just how amazing this journey of parenthood is.

You may remember that a year ago my not quite 2 year old insisted that she have a cat shaped birthday cake,,, well this year it was a dinosaur, and no sh wouldn't budge. At one point she even found one of raptors for me, that happened to have a smaller dinosaur in it's mouth, and brought it to me saying "When you make it mummy, it hasto be like this, it has to be munching on something...". Well I didn't stoop to that gory a level, bt I did oblige her the dinosaur.... two infact.

Her party went well. 19 kids, totally out numbering 14 adults, but in a good, chaotic kind of way. Pass the parcel was an absolute shambles, but a fantastic laugh, and I uselessly forgot that for the first time ever I had made party bags, until half the guests had already left!

In the afternoon we did some drawing, played some games, watched some Toy Story and set up her new telescope (another thing she has been quite randomly asking for for months!). We had a visit from her Nan and Pop and her aunty and uncle and cousins. generally it was an all round perfect day... and as usual the weather absolutely brought it, so we finished up the day with a drink in the back yard while the girls dug in the garden.


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