Thursday, April 21, 2011

Verri Vintage

I recently told the story of the first time I bought a vinatge item, I was 10 or 11 and it was a very old set of candles from a long gone shop down in Victor Harbor called "Junk and Disorderly" and so became my love of all things vintage..... I think at the time I thought I was going to uncover something worth millions for only 50 cents, but the love grew and grew. Even more so since I met my husband Luke. Prior to the girls we spent alot of time trawling through antique shops, op shops and markets to find unique items for our home... we so love to look together.

When I first began Verri Charmed, I realised that by encorporating this love of the old I could make my items more unique.... and so began the hunts for vintage crochet, buttons, fabric and trims. I started small, and I have learned as I have grown, all the while accumulating more than I could use, but still loving the hunt, as does my husband, and so Verri Vintage was born, a way to share our finds with others who wish to make their crafty delights unique.

I'll leave you with a pic tonight of one of my latest VC creations, a perfect example of vintage upcycling.... what was once a crochet table cloth, is now a unique hat:)

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