Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bargain Hunting

I've always been a big fan of OP Shopping/antiquing/treasure troving, whatever you want to call it.... I can remember the first ever vintage purchase I made was a small box of candles from the 1940's, I was aged 11, and it was from a shop that no longer exists, called "Junk and Disorderly" down in Victor Harbour. I think my facsination for the old stuff came from hoping to find an antique treasre worth millions of dollars LOL! The funny thing is I met my match in Luke because he still feels this way:)

When he and I joined forces we discovered pretty quickly that we both enjoy a good bargain hunt, and our home is filled with many vintage treasures, including a working 1940's Radiogram.

Most recently my love for all things vintage has extended to Verri Charmed, it was always my philosophy to incorporate vintage and upcycled components into my work, that's part of what makes my items unique. As I have become more handy with a sewing machine, as I had always hoped, this has escalated into using gorgeous vintage fabrics to create new pieces.

I thought I'd share a pic tonight of one of my favourite items I have ever created. A patchwork scarf featuring a backing of hand cut vintage chenille. Divine:)

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