Friday, August 13, 2010

Tutu Cute

I recently started making these hand embelished tutu sets:

Every time I make one I can't help but smile, they are just the kind of thing I would have loved to have owned as a little girl. I was always so very girly, facinated with beautiful things, preoccupied with trying to decorate my bedroom... a lover of all things fantastical. I can see Delilah heading the same way now... already she loves anything "bootiful" and declares herself as such several times a day... sometimes "Mummy is bootiful" or "Kenzie bootiful too" is thrown in for good measure, I guess it's testament to how many times a day I tell her she is beautiful, much like she will tell me a 100 times a day that she loves me for the same reason. One of her latest preoccupations is with hair, she will say "Mummy bootiful long hairs... Lilah bootiful hairs... Kenzie little bit hair... Daddy no hairs"... I swear I don't know where she gets these things from sometimes... but bless her little heart, she does make me laugh:)

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