Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mackenzie 8 months and Delilah 2 years 4 months

Mackenzie hadn't really been making sounds... she squeals alot(!) but it was only just the other day that I commented to Luke that little M seemed a bit slow in getting out her "mummummum" in fact I wasn't even going to fight over "dadadadad" being first, I was just keen for her to start on some "words"...

Well, yesterday afternoon, just as I was presenting her with lunch, I got the very first "Mmmmuummm"! I did a small happy dance, told her she was the best baby anyone could wish for, tried to get her to do it again (all the usual mum stuff) then resigned myself to the fact my little one had just taken an enormous leap and that I should not expect to hear it again soon (D first said it at 7 months, but I didn't hear it again for about 2 weeks)....

So... this morning as a prize for being the wonderful presenter of breakfast (oh how little M loves food) I was rewarded willl "Mmmmummuummummum.... Daddadad... Bahbub?", it seems she had decided to get all of her expected sounds out at once:) And now typically, despite my wishes to hear that beautiful little voice I am sad that it is all going to fast again... don't start crawling too soon Kenzie lol!

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