Monday, August 9, 2010

The Difference 10 Years Makes

On Monday morning I walked around Foodland with Delilah looking like this:

It made me giggle to watch the range of reactions to this, some laughed, some frowned disapprovingly, but it made me smile and refect on how my life has changed in the 10 years since I worked there as a poor student. 10 years ago I was preoccupied by where I was going to go dancing that night, whether the cute boy noticed me, how hung over I was, the exam I had coming up, what I was going to do for my 19th birthday (incidently that was when Luke and I got together having met for the first time a month previously at a mutual friends birthday) and all the little things that made up my self involved world. I certainly did not imagine that 10 years down the track I would be walking my 2 year old daughter around that same supermarket, with her confidently sporting several stickers on her face pronoucing "I bootiful Mummy!" and knowing that I love her just as she is and everything good, wonderful, amazing and joyous that she represents.

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