Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spring and Drawing

It has been a glorious weekend with a hint of spring in the air... and as usual very busy, between work for me, newborn twin cuddles (my friend Lauren just had twin boys!), shopping, dinner with friends and afashion parade, it has, as usual, disappeared! I snapped the photos above late yesterday afternoon, poor Miss D is still sporting daycare war wounds on her face, but I felt that these pics captured a little of the "two-peas-in-a-pod" relationship my girls have developed. I think Miss D is soon to have a little shadow.....

Little Miss M is crawling now.... we sort of. She gets up on all fours and stays there for a minute then scoots herself backwards into a lying position and repeats until she gets struck somewhere. It's gorgeous to watch. She's also just had another first... her first ear infection:( She's on her second lot of antibiotics now as her ear flared up one day after completing the last lot. I fear we are heading down the grommet track again.

And now to Miss D.....

I came home from work yesterday morning and was greeted by Delilah with this drawing "My fammie picture Mummy". The blue one is Delilah complete with the curly hair (I'm loving that she isolated herself and made her different to the rest of us... a unique being) The big brown one is Daddy (note the join between his eyes.... his "gasses Mummy") the one up the top is me, and the tiny one at the bottom is Kenzie. I am used to little Miss D coming up with these drawings now, but I am still amazed at the pace with which she improves, the detail in them is fantastic. I love her artistic talent, this drawing will be going in a frame:)

So now I'm sitting here on a Sunday night, facing down the barrel of another week in which time will move much too fast, measured by the milestones of my little ones... but this week Spring will be sprung and now there is the promise of warmer days and nights ahead in which to continue enjoying life:)

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