Monday, July 2, 2012

Colour Me Happy

Tommorrow is Luke's Birthday. He's always a bit bit blaise about it, but Birthdays have always been a huge deal to me, my Mum always made them such a special day, so every year I try to make it special for him. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Every Tuesday I work 2pm-10pm. Luke leaves for work every day at 6.30am. Tomorrow we will see each other for about five minutes. Bugger.

So tonight we did birthday dinner. I made a super tasty freeform vegetable and proccuito tart (hmmmmm maybe I should post that recipe?) with a salad, and we had his parents over to enjoy it with us. And we had birthday cake. I love birthday cake. I let the girls decorate this one. They even chose the decorations.

I have been feeling very sad lately, but today I have grinned from ear to ear. So many moments from today have made me smile. What made you smile today?

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