Friday, July 13, 2012

My Own Fun - No More Borrowing

I was directed to a very interesting blog post yesterday by Natatsha Burns about image theft and copying. You can read it here

It got me thinking about my own use of images and how I had inadvertantly been theiving the work of others by posting images and not referencing them on Facebook. It was of course something that had never occured to me, saving a pic found on Pinterest here and there and then posting them on my page, I never saw anything wrong with it. Then I read this article and a slow blush crept up on my face and I felt sick realsing what I had done.

Now honestly I am a bit of an over-reactor, I take things pretty hard, and I really do need to learn not to stress so much, but this realisation really got to me. I have been copied before, I have also had my own images shown but not referenced and these are things that rather than have made me angry have actually just plain hurt... and I really just felt I should have known better.

So after having a bit of a stress and getting in a bit of a fluster, my usual style, I thought, what can I do about it? Especially now that this kind of accidental theiving is so unfortunately common? Easy. I can make my own stand, even if it's just me alone. So as of today I pledge to only post my own created image or if I share another's work, it will ALWAYS be appropriately referenced, so that if you like it, you can find where it came from and the right person gets the credit.

Anyone else going to make their own fun?

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