Saturday, July 28, 2012


I'm running the Hills to Henley tomorrow. It's a 30km fun run from Athelstone Primary School to Henley Sailing club. I am scared.

When I was at work on Tuesday I felt the first signs of a cold, my worst nightmare at this late stage in my training for the Adelaide Marathon.

I downed four cups of hot lemon juice and water while I was at work and woke up feeling fine Wednesday... then stupidly didn't bother to think about it again and unfortunately woke up on Thursday with a full blown cold.

I stayed home sick on Friday and went to see my Doctor, who raised his eye brows and shook his head at me when I insisted that I would be fine to run on Sunday. He sighed and said "You are going to do it no matter what I say aren't you?". He got a resounding yes, 30kms is part of my training regime and I *need* to do it this weekend. So with the promise that I wont try my hardest (LOL!) I'm allowed to run.

I tried a bit of this as medicine:

And I feel quite confident that it was the right idea.

I am stil scared though.... imagine how it's going to feel in three weeks time.


  1. Good luck for tomorrow Sam! Hope you will wake feeling fit and capable. I am in awe of you!