Monday, June 11, 2012

The long Weekend - Instagram Style

Since I've had the girls, going away kind of stresses me out a bit, and this weekend was no exception. Having said that once we were packed up and on the road to Normanville, a cute coastal town aan hour south of Adelaide, I actually started to relax for once. Of course the weekend wasn't with out it's hiccups, and typically as my children aren't the best sleepers, Luke and I have come home VERY sleep deprived, but the time spent with my family and my sister and her family was wonderful.

Here is my weekend in instagram pics:

It's nice to be home now though:)

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  1. I sometimes think going away with kids is such hard work but its usually worth it. Thanks for sharing!

    PS Mr Verri looks nothing like I thought he would lol

    1. It is totally hard work, but it ends up being so much fun! Were you thinking he was batman Holly? LOL! xx