Sunday, April 18, 2010

Delilah's 2nd Birthday

OMG I officially have a 2 year old.... and it has all happened so fast! This milestone has of course had me reflecting on how much life has changed in the last two years and how quickly it has all blown by. Particularly this last 12 months has gone by in a blink of an eye. This time last year I was 5 weeks pregnant with Mackenzie... and just about to embark on 7.5 months of vomiting... but I digress.

Miss D's Birthday... awesome:) Delilah is the youngest among the mini-cronies so the recent onslaught of 2nd birthdays had left her in a heightened state of awareness that her birthday was coming "soooon". Hence yesterday she was aware right from waking up that it was her special day and she was going to be queen of the party.

Now you know you are a Mum when you find yourself up at 6am to ice a cake for the 9.30 am breakfast party. For weeks, every time I asked Miss D what shape she wanted her birthday cake she would tell me "Cat! Neeeeiow!", and despite trying to persuade her of a butterfly, she maintained this right up to the day. So needless to say she was delighted to see this yesterday morning:

Me : "Look what I've made for you Baby! What is it?"

Delilah: "A cat! Neeeiow!.... I eat him Mummy!"

Soooo cute.

Next was the unvailing of "The Big Special Present":

She was sooo excited (and so was I, hours of entertainment in our own back yard now!), but we eventually had to coax her back inside to get dressed for her special day in her fancy birthday outfit. A quick photoshoot ensued:

I made her some headbands as part of her birthday present. I will take some photos to upload soon:)

Next it was time for this:

And this:

Followed by a good old rendition of "Happy Birthday to You!":

We finished off the Party with a lazy sit around with the cronies which was the perfect down time for me (I was knackered!), followed by a mammoth afternoon nap from Miss D and an early dinner at Gringos Mexican Restraunt ( a good old favourite).

It was a lovely day and I know Delilah really enjoyed herself, and I am now wondering just what this next year has in store for the Verri family.

I will finish up with this photo of Mackenzie:

And mention that I am embarking on a new scary project, which I will reveal in time:)

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