Saturday, October 22, 2011

Playing With The Verri Vintage Stash

Luke was out for the day today, a work function at the races. As the girls and I had already had a bit of a long week together, Delilah is having a big cranky growth spurt (like she needed one!) and Miss M is speedily heading toward the terrible twos (now I remember why we started calling Lilah "Captian Feralpants"!), I had decided early in the day that we needed some projects for the afternoon.

We've been doing ALOT of gardening lately, all three of us really enjoy it, the girls even have their own tiny gardening gloves and tools (and I am slowly getting to grips with my fears of slimy, crawly, creepy, stingy things), so our first task was to plant some basil.... well that took all of five minutes so we then cracked into the Verri Vintage stash and I showed the girls how to make fabric covered canvases. Following on from the pin cushion post, I am really loving a good short project at the moment, the sense of accomplishment is so satisfying..... so after making three:

Delilah decided we needed more, and I was very happy to oblige:

And beside the fun result of having produced some super cute artwork for our studio, we also had a completely pleasant and stress free afternoon:)

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