Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've been meaning to write a post for weeks.... since my 30th Birthday infact,but time ha just gotten away. So why is time disappearing so fast in the Verri household at the moment?

- First there was the City to Bay.... I ran it in a not too shabby time of 62mins 10secs

- Then there was my 30th....

But that deserves a post all of it's own.

- There has been the hen's night planning for my bestie who is getting married in Novmember.

- We went to see the Wiggles

- There has been baking,treasure hunting, and just plain old playing.

- And then there has been the sewing........

And now we have reached the time when we are already looking at the rest of the year.... as in every single one of our weekends for the rest of the year are booked with at least one thing, including being a bridesmaid and the divine Miss M's second birthday...... not to mention the fact that I have been accepted to all four markets I have applied for!! Little Monster's Market on the 30th of June (I might be a tad hungover, the hen's night is the night before ssssshhhhhhh!), Lollipop Markets on the 20th of November, The Mummy Tree Markets on the 4th of December and finally the Little Apple Twilight Markets on the 7th of December.

2011 please slow down!

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