Friday, August 12, 2011

A Heartfelt Bouquet.

It hasn't been the easiest few weeks here in the Verri household, the girls and I have been sick with this long lingering virus, and because my girls are prone to ear infections both of the girls have had flare ups.... flare ups which have come with (and understandably so) very bad moods, particularly from Delilah.

As I said, I've been sick and run down too, and with the market on the weekend just generally tired. So needless to say the three of us have gotten on each others nerves a bit this week... as you do.

Last night I was a bit exhausted and over it all, it had been one of those days where as a mum you feel a bit battered and bruised from being constantly yelled at, and my patience had worn thin on more than one occassion, and then as I was getting into bed I noticed this:

Delilah had picked them from our yard earlier in the day (yes we need to do some gardening!) and after bringing them inside and putting them in some water I did notice at some stage that they had gone missing from the kitchen table, but I didn't think anymore of it.... she'd put them on my bedside table for me..... I cried. How lucky am I? Despite being a cranky pants, I am loved.

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