Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Closet Baker

I have always adored baking, it began in high school, in truth stemming from an eating disorder (hey, I like to be honest)I'd bake anything and everything, but usually wouldn't eat it. Bread was one of my favourite things to make, but as I gradually shook off the food demons it progressed to all things sweet.

I don't proclaim to be the greatest cook in the world.... but I will say I'm not bad, and my forte is definitely the sweet stuff. So today I thought I'd share a few of my baking do's and don'ts.

- Do follow a recipe, quanties are very important in baking, a slight err can cause a disaster.
- Do sift your flour, it's tempting not too, but it seriously does make your bake goods lighter and fluffier.
- Don't substitute butter for margarine, it's just silly.
- Do use a mix master, they just make life so much easier. I LOVE my pink kenwood, one of my best birthday presents ever from my two besties.... though unfortunately at the time I was vomity with morning sickness and I couldn't open the box until Delilah was born..... but that's another story all together.

- Do use Donna Hay recipes, she is the baking queen.
- Don't take cooking times to literally, all ovens are different, I find that when your kitchen is filled with the aroma of what ever you are baking you are usually pretty close to the end.
- Don't wait until your knife comes out clean as a "is it cooked yet?" test, you want your knife to come out with a little cakey goodness stuck to it, your cake will be sooooo moist.

- Don't leave your cake on the bench to cool and then take pity on your enourmous labradoodle and let him in out of the rain, he will share the cake with his smaller lab/kelpie cross brother as soon as your back is turned (I didn't get a photo of this , I was too cross at the time.
- Do decorate liberally, it just makes it even yummier.

- Do eat and enjoy your baked goods, if you make it yourself it can only be good for you right?

- Do plenty of excercise, it means that every now and then you can have several pieces of cake in one day.

That's all I have in my head right now, but I'd love to hear your baking tips!

Sam x

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