Monday, August 15, 2011

Car Booting

As you know, visiting the local Sunday morning car boot sales, is a Verri family staple. Considering that there is never a sleep in when you have kids aged 3 and 20 months, it's actually a great start to the day.... even on the really cold winter mornings, when you trudge around and don't uncover anything exciting.

This week it wasn't cold though, and there were plenty of fantastic finds begging to come home with us.

I have been wanting a vintage globe for ages, so this one was a great find for $10.

The vintage sewing basket is filled with lots of goodies and is now comfortably resting amoung my growing collection.

The art deco drinks trolley was a must have for $30.... loved that Delilah insisted that it must go in her room as her new bedside table (complete with globe atop.... that's her's too apparently).... I don't know how she's going to react when we move it out into the outdoor room we are renovating.....

One of the things I love most about our treasure troving is Delilah's enthusiasm for it. Every weekend she asks if we are going to the carboot sale, and is sad if we can't. Lately we have been giving her a little money to spend while we are there... this week she decided she was on the look out for a computer.... she found one.

I wonder if our children will contiue to love bargain hunting as they get older, or will be repelled by it and need everything to be new and shiny.

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