Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grateful Sunday

Sunday's, along with a lovely group of supportive women, have become my new day for reflecting on what I am grateful for this week. Any given day I can easily list multiple things of which I am grateful for, however, truth be told, I don't always spend the time to stop and think about what makes me so very lucky.

I am always grateful for my gorgeous husband and two beautiful girls, and I feel so fortunate that we get to live in such a beautiful piece of the world. A place I have grown up, and will always call home.

And today, specifically, I am grateful for dragging myself out of bed bright and early to trudge around the Marion oval in the freezing cold checking out what the car boot sale had to offer this week..... otherwise I would have missed this:

A divine vintage Holly Hobbie Style sewing box. It was mine for $5 *sighs happily*.


  1. Wow... I knew I recognised Brighton Jetty!
    I grew up in the Marion area.
    What school did you go to?