Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Miss M

Mackenzie is 7 and a half months now and she is doing this:

Sitting up by herself very happily and steadily... infact it's hard to get her to be in any other position. It makes me laugh because she still barely rolls, in fact only when she REALLY wants something.

Mackenzie is changing by the day, she is now 73cm tall and I would estimate about 9kgs. She has a fair heft to her lol! She recently started giving real little cuddles which is just so lovely and allows you to know when you've been missed or needed. She is still giving Luke a hard time on Tuesday nights when I'm at work. She goes off to bed fine and then wakes after about an hour and cries and cries... I've told Luke he might need to start wearing one of my jumpers to settle her as this is a rare occurance when I am home, but happens everytime I'm out.

Mackenzie is a true delight, she laughs at her sister, blows raspberries constantly and sits back and takes in everything around her. Love her to pieces:)


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  2. Absolutely gorgeous. My son is 10 months and the things he does are so cute, melts my heart! Your daughter is bautiful, must take after her mum :)
    p.s come and check out 'my little jedi' and say hi xx